Amaryllis Season

Amaryllis season has started again

Amaryllis season has started

It’s that time of the year again, days become shorter and the nights longer. The darker days, but with the change of every season, new flowers come back into season. One of them is, of course, the amaryllis. The amaryllis is often linked to Christmas but not in every region or country are they perceived this way. 

Cultivation of Amaryllis

The cultivation of the flowers is done within 3 phases. For a period of seven months, the bulbs grow under optimal circumstances. New leafs are continuously formed and the crop can grow up to 1,5 meters in size. During the period of leaf growth, two or three new flower buds are created per bulb. In this phase, the crop needs light, water, fertilizer and CO2. The bulb requires a rest period of about ten weeks at 13°C, during which the rest of the flower buds is interrupted. In the greenhouse, the bulbs are refrigerated by cooling the soil through plastic tubes and a water temperature of 6°C. This way, the winter period is copied from nature. In the old days, the bulbs would be grubbed, placed in a refrigerator and then planted back again. After the rest period, the old leaves are removed. The bulbs will start blooming once they receive a sufficient amount of water and if the soil temperature is increased to 22°C. By controlling the soil temperature (cooling is rest, heat is growth), the bloom period can be scheduled and spread from September through March. 

Amazone Amaryllis

There are so many different varieties available in this lovely product group. One of the growers that joined our app from the beginning is Amazone, famous for their "Nymph" varieties. On this page, you can see the classic "Nymph" variety, with its remarkable shape and bicolor-flowers. Ask your local wholesale for the availability. We have a special promotion from 11 until 18 November in cooperation with selected wholesalers.
Amaryllis "Nymph" in display vase
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