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The application

What do we do?
Flowerbook is one of the largest cut-flowers catalogues online. Our mission is to provide florists, wholesalers and any other flower enthusiast high quality pictures of flowers and information about availability. Growers and breeders use Flowerbook as a platform to showcase their varieties and provide extensive information about their products!
What can I do with Flowerbook
You can use the catalogue in a lot of different ways, depending on what your profession or knowledge regarding flowers. You can use the search function to search flowers that you are looking for! We also have listed the products based on Productgroups, color and availability. This makes it possible to check if flowers are available in certain colors and certain color in a specific month!
When to use Flowerbook?
Flowerbook is a tool that can be used in so many occasions, for example a client wants to know how many different types of orange tulips there are. He needs these for an event in February. You can now easily check Flowerbook or let the client check Flowerbook and let the client pick his favorite that you will order for them!
For who is Flowerbook?
Flowerbook is there for everybody, as long as you are searching for relevant flower information or news Flowerbook is there for you!


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